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Essential Provence Wine Tour

Immerse yourself into the unique atmosphere of Provence’s famous wines region & delightful villages. 5-day Wine & Gourmet tour from $2159 person!


Highlights of Portugal

From north to south, you'll discover Portugal’s most celebrated destinations on this 11-day Independent Rail Tour. From $2539 person!


Heart of Italy & Cinque Terre

Explore the contrasts of this magical country visiting some of Italy's most important artistic & historical sites before discovering the unique Cinque Terre. 8-day Small Group Tour from $2619 person!


Rome | Roman Food Tradition | Small Group


Foodies of the world, unite! Whether you’re a seasoned gourmand or just a food lover wishing to find out more about Roman cuisine and Italian food traditions, this small group tour will be perfect for you. And yes, you’ll try and taste lots of different treats! Join our local food connoisseur guide Piazza Farnese and enjoy a lovely walking tour through local food markets, grocery stores, and gelato shops in the areas of Campo De’ Fiori, Trastevere, and the Jewish Ghetto. We know that exercise makes one hungry, that’s why we thought you’d appreciate some tasting pit-stops. You’ll enjoy a slice of freshly baked crispy pizza bianca (Rome’s own version of focaccia) cut in half horizontally and filled with thin slices of freshly cut mortadella: a traditional, more-Roman-than-the-Colosseum, easy snack that locals love. And what about trying a supplì?This little ball of deep-fried tomato sauce risotto with a heart of melted mozzarella cheese is everyone’s favourite street food. Pasta will be on the list too, along with some dishes from the Roman Jewish tradition: the 'carciofo alla giudia', a Jewish style deep-fried artichoke that resembles a tiny sunflower, as well as 'filetto di baccalà', a fleshy fillet of cod, battered and deep-fried. And make sure to save some space for dessert, because we won’t skip our portion of artisan gelato! Conducted with a maximum of 12 participants, this tour lasts approximately 3 hours & 30 minutes.