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Barcelona | Montserrat Tour with Cog-Wheel Train | Afternoon



Start your half-day trip from Barcelona in a comfortable coach to the mountain of Montserrat which rises majestically to 4,051 feet (1,236 metres) and is home to the most popular pilgrimage destinations in Spain: the Shrine of Our Lady of Montserrat. The rocks of Montserrat were formed by natural cement of sand during the centuries. The wind and rain shaped the mountain with strange and varied forms. Our imagination has envisioned human or animal shapes in some of these peaks, giving names and inventing legends to explain their fantastic origins. This journey to Montserrat will give you the opportunity to enjoy wonderful and breathtaking views of the Montserrat Mountain, one of nature’s special creations. A 15-minute Cog-Wheel train ride will take you to the Monastery of Montserrat. The air-conditioned train is wheelchair friendly and features panoramic windows offering spectaculars views of the mountain. You will visit the Royal Basilica of Montserrat, which holds the famous 12th-century Romanesque carving of Verge Moreneta (the Black Madonna) and you will be able to see the famous statue of the Black Madonna from a distance. The Benedict Sanctuary of Montserrat was founded in 1025 and provides a mystical backdrop for the Virgin of Montserrat, the patron saint of Catalonia who is enshrined in the monastery's Royal Basilica. The little monastery soon began to receive pilgrims and visitors who contributed to the spread of stories of miracles and wonders performed by the Virgin. Today, Montserrat has been modernized to continue attending to the needs to pilgrims one thousand years after it was originally founded. Your tour also includes a taste of 4 typical liquors of Montserrat and entrance free to the Audiovisual "Montserrat Portes Endins" and some free time to visit the audiovisual exhibition detailing the history and creation of Montserrat, before returning to Barcelona.