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This morning depart on a half-day tour to Montserrat. Driving through the province past picturesque little villages, we reach the rugged Monserrat Mountains situated at an altitude of 1.235 m and home to one of the most popular pilgrimage destinations in Spain: the Shrine of Our Lady of Montserrat. The rocks of Montserrat were formed by natural cement of sand during the centuries. The wind and rain shaped the mountain with strange and varied forms. The popular imagination has seen human or animal shape in some of these peaks, giving those names and inventing legends to explain their fantastic origins. This trip to Montserrat will give you the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful and breathtaking views of the Montserrat Mountain, one of nature’s special creations. Follow your local guide through the site and learn about the history and architectural style of the Monastery. A community of 80 monks currently lives and follows the rule of Saint Benedict in Montserrat. Fall in love with the Gothic and Renaissance details of the basilica & sanctuary, and learn about the legend of the miraculous apparition of the Black Madonna and Child in the cave of Santa Cova. To this day their wood carving is kept in the Church of the monastery, which you will be able to visit. The figure is popularly known as La Moreneta (The Black Madonna) as a result of a varnish reaction. Besides the main area, there are a great number of small churches and trails you can follow. Once the guided tour has finished, you will be given free time to taste the finest liquors, visit the basilica and the Black Madonna and get a free gift, shop for locally produced treats or visit the audio-visual exhibition about the history and creation of Montserrat. Upgrade your experience with the option that includes access to the basilica when the Boys’ Choir is singing (optional). This is one of the oldest Boys’ Choir in Europe and their delightful performance is held from Monday to Friday at 13:00h. Access to the basilica & Black Madonna, a taste of 4 typical liquors, and entrance fee to the Audiovisual "Montserrat Portes Endins" are included.  This tour is conducted in both English & Spanish and you'll return to Barcelona at around 3:00 in the afternoon.